Positive Earth, a landscape company and retail plant nursery with a passion for the environment, is based in Langebaan on the picturesque West Coast.

Education and awareness of our environment is immensely important to the survival of our natural heritage. In conjunction with specialised suppliers, we endeavour to create a better understanding of our natural environment.

We pride ourselves in creating beautiful indigenous, informal and natural gardens. Implementing indigenous and /or endemic plant species we also create modern designs with a structural flair. With current drought conditions we specialise in Xeriscapes, where stonework, rocks and succulent species are the order of the day and allow for very little water and maintenance.

Our motto of being “Indigenous inclined but exotic tolerant” allows for the sale of indigenous as well as exotic plants, pots, compost, organic fertilizers, pebbles and aggregate at our Retail Nursery.

We feel strongly in bridging the gap between an environmental approach to gardening and keeping with a practical and pleasant aesthetic appeal.

Elton (owner) started his career in Europe where he worked for various landscape companies in Dublin and London. On his return to South Africa he joined in the construction of the Langebaan Golf Estate, at that stage in its baby shoes, and has been involved on the Estate since. Positive Earth also spread its wings and is now constructing new gardens all over the west coast region.

Being one of the longer operating landscapers on Langebaan golf estate, projects ranging from R10k to R500k have been successfully completed over the years. These projects include multiple residential homes, tree lanes, put-put course, public parks, a memorial garden and residential villages.


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No. 1 Oostewal Rd
Western Cape,
South Africa